Unless you have an enormous budget and a large, highly skilled workforce, it's unlikely you'll have all the machinery needed for an entire construction or earthmoving project. That's where plant hire at Rayment Excavations comes in! Economical, convenient and effective, hiring equipment is the perfect way to get the results you want without spending a fortune.

"Wet" or "dry" hire

There are two main ways of machinery hire: wet hire; and dry hire. When you decide on a wet hire option, the operator is hired along with the piece of equipment. Contractors who decide to opt for a dry hire choice will hire machinery but will need to provide an operator themselves.

Here we take a look at five reasons why a growing number of contractors, developers and civil engineers are opting for wet hire over dry hire.

1. Get the best results for your money

The operators who come with hired equipment are usually professionals who have years of experience in operating the piece of machinery. Highly familiar with the backhoe, dozer or excavator they're required to drive, a hired operator will ensure the equipment delivers optimal performance, even in challenging conditions.

2. Wet hire is convenient

If you're hiring equipment from one company, and operators from another, that's two lots of contract management and administration that will need completing. There is also the potential for a mismatch between the availability of machinery and operator, leading to costly delays and wasted time. 

Hiring both man and machine from the same company eliminates this risk, ensuring your plant is ready to roll when you are.

3. Wet hire can be cheaper

Depending on how you hire your operators, you could end up spending a considerable amount on recruitment and training in order to get workers with the right skill set for your plant. 

Unfortunately, an earthmoving project may require the use of several different pieces of equipment/machinery. Contractors may spend thousands of dollars upskilling workers to operate one piece of machinery, only to have to repeat the process when a new piece of equipment is required.

When you use wet hire, operators come fully-trained, along with extensive experience in using the earthmoving equipment you've hired.

4. Flexible contracts for optimal project management

Flexibility in the availability of machines and workers can make an enormous difference when it comes to project delivery. Wet hire is frequently much easier to acquire quickly. 

Similarly, once the role of a piece of plant has been fulfilled, the operator goes with it - no need for severance pay, redundancy money or contractual disputes.

5. Wet hire is often safer

In the hands of an amateur, heavy earthmoving equipment can become lethal. Using wet hire ensures you have an expert, trained in safe working, behind the controls.

With so many advantages, it's little wonder contractors use wet hire for their earthmoving projects. To find out more about plant hire in Gladstone, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!