Water Cartage


Water Supply & Delivery

Rayment Excavation delivers clean drinking water throughout the Central Queensland Region. We’re licenced to supply and deliver potable water, ideal for topping up water tanks, swimming pools, irrigation and dust suppression.

When drought depletes water reserves, the impact can be massive. Every aspect of life is effected, from agricultural operations to commercial businesses and residential households.
Water Cartage — Excavation in Gladstone, QLD
Here are a few excellent reasons to call Rayment Excavations to arrange water delivery:
It’s safe - our team holds a food business licence, which is necessary to deliver clean drinking water to homes and businesses. Customers can rest assured that the water they use to drink, cook, and bathe in is clean and free of harmful bacteria.
It’s convenient - having a water service you can rely on really is invaluable during a drought. Keep your tank full enough to get you through, with a water delivery from Rayment Excavations. We can deliver a load containing 10,000 litres straight to your home or business.
It’s less harmful - if you’re using bottled water, this creates a lot more plastic waste from the bottles. Having your water tank topped up is a more environmentally friendly solution.
Contact the team at Rayment Excavations today to arrange a clean drinking water delivery.