Civil Construction


Infrastructure & Site Preparation

At Rayment Excavations in Gladstone, we have a highly skilled and dedicated team, with each member holding specific qualifications for their area of expertise.

Those specialisations include cultural heritage experience, Project Management qualifications and Civil Construction, Road Maintenance and Construction and Civil Construction Supervision certifications.
Equipment — Excavation in Gladstone, QLD
Find out more about the services we can provide including:
  • Road construction and maintenance
  • Commercial and domestic car parks
  • Site preparation and bulk earth works – clear away land for new construction, build embankments, and more
  • Bridge works – construction and extension
  • Landscaping – Boost property appeal and keep areas safe with well designed, neat landscaping. All types of slashing and mowing available
  • Culvert and drainage works – culverts are a must to keep roads in good driving condition, as well as prevent flooding
  • Retaining wall construction – control flooding and erosion while preventing sinkholes, drainage issues and related property damage
  • Rail track and asset maintenance
  • Hydro excavations – high-pressure water systems can remove soil, where other methods, such as digging, can damage the land and may not be so cost effective
  • Drainage cleaning – eliminate build up and encourage healthy flow
  • Quarry materials – aggregate, granite boulders, mulch, sand, soil, gravel, and more supplied and delivered
  • Marine rock walls
  • Industrial and domestic works
  • Land reclamation – build up land using clean fill
  • Retention pond clean outs – Avoid drainage issues and minimise environmental impact with regular pond maintenance
  • Fire breaks – clear out vegetation to prevent bush fires from taking hold
As well as having a team of qualified operators with a comprehensive range of civil construction capabilities, we have a fleet of equipment with something suitable for every project.
For more information about our services, or to arrange a quote or consultation, give us a call today.