Landscaping Supplies


Residential, Commercial & Civil

With almost 40 years in the industry, Rayment Excavations has built a solid reputation for supplying quality landscaping materials, at competitive prices. Based in Gladstone, we service the entire Central Queensland region.

Our commitment to excellence applies to the products and services we supply and to the way we work with our valued customers.

From top soil to granite boulders and deco granite, we have landscaping supply solutions suitable for residential, commercial, and civil requirements. With quality products to suit a range of concepts, we can help you bring your landscaping vision to life and beautify your gardens.
Landscaping Supplies — Excavation in Gladstone, QLD
Choose from a range of landscaping materials including:
Gravel - perfect for walk ways, driveways, drainage and garden styling, gravel is available in several colours and types for residential, commercial, and civil applications.
Top soil - add a healthy layer of nutrient rich top soil to depleted or eroded soil for improved growth in potted and garden plants, and more productive vegetable gardens. With quality top soil, drainage can be improved, and plant life can thrive.
Mulch - prevent weeds from taking over your garden, encourage healthy bacteria and improve water retention by mulching your plants. A layer of mulch also protects the roots of plants from extreme heat and cold, and as the mulch breaks down, it provides nutrients to the roots and soil.
Sand - whether you’re looking at building a sand pit, a playground, a recreation space, a court for ball sports or a base for laying paving or stepping stones, we can provide high quality sand in large or small quantities.
Get in touch with us at Rayment Excavations today for more information or to arrange a quote on any of our landscaping supplies.