Slashing and mowing by Rayment

Effective slashing services for vegetation control, fire risk minimisation and site clearing for residential, civil and commercial property construction and development.
Slashing — Excavation in Gladstone, QLD
At Rayment Excavations in Gladstone we service the entire Central Queensland region, providing efficient and cost effective excavation, earthmoving and slashing solutions, including:
Mowing service - lawn mowing and maintenance for land of all sizes, regardless of the density of growth and the type of vegetation, from small residential blocks through to large rural acreages, public parks, commercial and civil infrastructure development sites.

We can selectively clear sites, regardless of the size, and remove the cleared growth. We can even work with you to arrange a maintenance plan so the site remains under control, if required.
Slashing - create an effective fire break by having scrub over growth, long thick grass and weeds slashed. Cutting back over grown grass and weeds prevents the spread of unwanted vegetation to adjacent properties, and minimises the potential dangers of snakes and ticks taking up residence in the growth.
Regular lawn mowing and slashing encourages new, healthy growth, minimises the potential for bush fires and keeps weeds and intrusive grasses under control.
Slashing — Excavation in Gladstone, QLD
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