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At Rayment Excavations in Gladstone, we build custom retaining walls and rock walls in all sizes. We can build retaining walls and rock walls from a wide range of different materials including granite, all from our own quarry.

Retaining walls can add both beauty and functionality to any property while potentially creating more useable outdoor space, especially on a sloping block.
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Advantages Of Retaining & Rock Walls

Some of the advantages include:
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Level out the land

  • A steeply sloped yard can limit your options for landscape design, create drainage problems and restrict where you can have a patios and seating.

  • The skilled team at Rayment Excavations can level out a space and add a retaining wall, using stylish granite rocks.
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Control runoff

  • Depending on where a building or structure is positioned on a sloping block, soil erosion can be a threat to the foundation of the building.

  • A custom designed retaining wall will divert water away from the building and into a drain, preventing water from pooling around the foundations and eroding the soil.
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Personalise your space

  • While retaining walls have a practical purpose, they can also be a powerful design feature. There are plenty of options when it comes to selecting the material, height, width and design.

  • A retaining wall can be the landscaping feature, or it can be designed to look less intrusive, allowing other garden features to be the central attractions.
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